Use this page to post comments about this ongoing work to re-format all the scriptures and put them online. Speak your mind and give whatever feedback you would like, whether you see pros or cons, or have ideas for improvement.

4 thoughts on “Comments

  1. “This online version of the scriptures uses the | mark without any capitalization or punctuation to separate the text into individual components”

    I think you are on to something huge here Anarchist.

    Did I think of this or did you? LOL

    I am surprised this has not gotten any real traction.

    I have always felt that the added punctuation, by non-inspired people, to revelation, after the fact, is a form of corrupting the scriptures and allowing uninspired men to influence how others interpret the scriptures.

    The addition of punctuation, not to mention the breaking up into verses and chapters, may well fall into the category of “transfiguring” the Holy Word of God.

    Shame on you for not doing more to promote it.

    It would be great for you to do a post on your main site showing the difference in how passages of scripture can be read differently based on this method vs the corrupted method… perhaps you have done a post and people just didn’t catch the vision of what you are trying to do.

    I have not played with this concept so perhaps it has some limitations and built in biases, but, at first blush, it seems revolutionary to me.

    It appears you were at the top of your game and in good form when you came up with this…

    • This online version isn’t exactly what I envisioned, but is all that I can do with WordPress. I will email you BOM 25 so you can see how it looks on my computer. The use of the vertical line | was a compromise on my part, in my wrestle with the WordPress formats. Originally, I had each component on a single line and every line numbered. I’m actually starting to do this online with BOM 1, although WordPress won’t allow me to number every line. Look at that chapter and scroll to the very bottom of the page to see the different formatting I’m beginning to use. Also, the horizontal rulers aren’t in the original formatting, either. Instead, I used blank lines to indicate any clear text groupings (though the copy I’ll be sending you doesn’t have any blank lines inserted). Anyway, you can see how it looks and manipulate it however you want.

      The goal is to have a hyper-linked version online so that anyone can link to any verse of the scriptures on this site and in this format. For example, 1 Ne. 5:17.

      Btw, I’m not really promoting this because 1) it’s not done, since it’s an awful lot of work and will take a long time to complete, (this being a one-man operation, after all,) and 2) it’s really meant just for me, to use on the LDS Anarchy blog for when I quote scriptures and hyper-link to them. Originally, I tried to put the format I have on my computer in FastPencil, to publish as a book, for private (tribal) use, but the FastPencil format wouldn’t let me do what I wanted to do, either, so then I put up this 1st Act Scriptures site and was again faced with frustration. But I suppose eventually something good will come out of it.

      Also, I have mentioned this site on the LDS Anarchy blog (it is also on the side bar there), and have linked to some of the finished stuff here, but have not thought to do a comparison between this version and the one published by the church, since everyone can pull out their scriptures and do an instant comparison. This format does bring out new views of the text, for sure. For the Isaiah chapters of the Book of Mormon, in particular, some interesting information pops out, but I haven’t put those chapters up, yet.

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